Wood and Stone Incense Burner Plate 4

Wood and Stone Incense Burner Plate 4".

Flute Brand Masala Incense Display - 6 boxes of 12

Flute Brand Masala Incense Display - 6 boxes of 12

Flute Brand Masala Incense Display - 12 Boxes of 25

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Cardboard Display with 12 boxes of Flute Masala Square Packs
The display holds 12 boxes of Flute brand masala incense in 8 stick square package. With 25 packages per box, that is 300 packets of incense to sell!

Comes with: Cardboard display and 12 boxes of incense
1 each of:
Nagalinga Champa
Om Shanti
Red Rose
Sai Priya
White Rose

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Incense we are proud to carry!
N. Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS), manufacturer of Cycle and Flute brand incense, has been CERTIFIED CARBON NEUTRAL MANUFACTURER by UK-based The Carbon Neutral Company, the leading provider of carbon reduction solutions in the World. NRRS is the only company in India in the incense sticks industry to have received this distinction.

"Intrinsic in the concerns inculcated by the group's founder is a concern for the environment and continued environmental sustainability of the group's operations" says Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director,. "Sri. N.Ranga Rao strongly believed in giving back to society, a part of the gains and this he practiced by spending generously on socially relevant causes. This belief became an ideal and passion for the succeeding generations of the Group. Today, the group marks the next great step in its green journey by becoming the WORLD'S FIRST Manufacturer of incense sticks to completely offset it's entire operational carbon footprint and be certified CarbonNeutralR. To assist us in this project, we engaged with The Carbon Consulting Company, one of the region's leading providers of carbon assessment and mitigation solutions for corporates."

Commonly known as a 'Carbon Footprint', the assessment took into account data on fuel consumption, electricity consumption and material consumption as well as direct emissions released from sources that are owned or controlled by the company. Indirect emissions associated from purchased electricity and other sources including business travel, employee commuting, and third party deliveries were used to formulate the carbon footprint of the company. The carbon offset was carried out through Carbon Consulting's partners in the UK in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. This ensured that the entire process is internationally recognized and goes through a credible verification process.
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