About R. Expo / Song of India

R. EXPO (previously known as Mathur Perfumery Works) established in the year 1932, is one of the leading importers and distributors of Incense Sticks, Cones and Natural Herbal Products - Oils, Perfumes, Soap & Shampoos, Candles, and Handicrafts in North America. With a vision and spirit of enterprise, and sole motive of customer satisfaction, the third generation of this family run business has seen phenomenal growth in the recent past.

We bring to our customers soothing fragrances that enrich the ambience and purify the surroundings. Our range of India Temple products smell just like temples in India. Try the complete range of India Temple including incense sticks, cones, perfume oils, aroma oils, candles, massage oils, moisturizing lotions, shampoo and hair conditioner. R. Expo (USA) is the largest importer of Satya Sai Baba Genuine Nag Champa Incense in blue box packaging. This is by far the largest selling incense in the world and is known for its distinguished fragrance. Nag Champa incense is also available in 10 new fragrances that are manufactured by Satya company in Bangalore exclusively for R. Expo.

Song of India produces beautiful products made from herbal extracts and pure essential oils, based on Aromatherapy techniques and traditional naturopathic principles. To complement our Oil Products – Aromatic Oils and Fragrant Oils, we have developed accessories like highly artistic Aroma Oil Burners in soap stone & Incense Sticks/Cones Holders in soap stone, brass and wood in varied attractive designs and shapes.

We offer a wide spectrum of products from distant and remote parts of India to our customers, truly epitomizing the rich diversity of Indian Art, Craft and Culture. The range of our products include Incense Holder and Burners (Ash Catcher), Candle Holders, Aroma Lamps, Wooden and Stone Boxes, Figurines, Statues and Sculptures of deities, humans and animals, Wall Hangings, Bells and Chimes, Decanters and Pefume Bottles.

Please give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are three brothers: Raj Kumar Mathur (eldest), Ashok Mathur (middle) and Shiv Kumar Mathur (youngest) and one sister Raj Kumari Mathur (eldest of all). Our grandfather, Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur founded a very small manufacturing unit, named Mathur Perfumery Works in the year 1932. It was a modest beginning to produce products under specially devised formulae, with key ingredients being Natural products like herbs, plants, roots etc. His own personal formulations were liked very much in the local community. He never had any desire to do it on a large scale. He was more a family man than a businessman. He passed his art of making perfumes, massage and body oils, incense and herbal oils to his son, Mr. Durga Prashad Mathur. He just followed the techniques of his father and lived a very simple and non-entrepreneurial life. He was a very polite and generous person. His wife Mrs. Raj Rani Mathur used to assist and help him at the store while he was busy in manufacturing.

In the nineteen sixties, many foreigners were attracted to India and tourists from different parts of the world started to visit our store. We had simple, high quality and natural products to offer, which were highly appreciated. It was indeed a turning point with our products finding overwhelming response in the overseas markets, prompting us to extend and expand our business activities. R. Expo was then founded in the year 1972 with the motive to continue the good work of Mathur family and provide the finest quality to its customers. We started to receive small orders from all over the world. Soon these small orders turned into large ones. To cope with the volume of business, new production units were set up and innovative changes made in all areas of working, be it production, training of artisans or export handling.

In 1989, the ever growing demand of the products prompted the eldest brother, Raj Kumar Mathur and his wife Mrs. Anju Mathur to set-up a full fledged Branch in Seattle, WA to cater to the vast customer base in North America. However, exports to rest of the world continue to be made from the same location set up by our grandfather over 80 years back, with the small store now converted into multi-storeyed showroom. The original store front is now run by the family of the youngest brother, Shiv Kumar Mathur, and the manufacturing of incense and fragrance items is run by the wife of Late Ashok Mathur, Mrs. Rajni Mathur and their two sons, Ankit and Sanchit Mathur.

All our products are hand made and we feel proud that our business is now supporting more than ten thousand families in India. With the help of sales from India Temple products, our organization has adopted several children from distant villages of Rajasthan, India who are very poor and/or lost one or both parents and are financially struggling for education. These children are provided with all necessities including school uniforms, stationary, school fees, transportation, extra tutoring, medical, vision and other necessities to prosper in their individual visions.